Mildred Pope
But I Don't Wanna Take A Bath! A Mike and Tyke Series

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I'm Mildred Pope, author of
But I Don't Wanna Take A Bath!
A Mike and Tyke Series.

But I Dont Wanna Take A Bath! is the first in A Mike and Tyke Series of children's picture books based on the experiences of the author's children and grandchildren. Mike, his dog, Tyke, and his friend, Bud, splash and play all day in a mud puddle. As the day comes to an end, Bud goes home. Mike and Tyke are reluctant to go inside because they don't "wanna" take a bath! Covered in mud, they decide to "disguise" themselves from Mom, or so they think. Written from a child's prospective, children as young as 3 years old can identify and enjoy the various characters, costumes, and antics that children play. The book immediately grabs the audience's attention and draws them into the story by asking questions and by demanding silence. Reading a book has never been more fun for parents and children of all ages!