Mildred Pope
But I Don't Wanna Take A Bath! A Mike and Tyke Series

"When I started having grandkids, it started all over," she said, laughing.

Soon afer her mother died in 2007, Pope said she rose one night and wrote :But I Don't Wanna Take a Bath!" A Mike and Tyke Series.

Whether you're inspired a series or books or not, if you're lucky enough to have a grandparent, you more than likely have wonderful memories of them and they of you.

Gracie Bond Staples, Atlanta Journal Constitution

  Granparent's pride and joy 

September 9, 2011


"They may not know it, but they also might be under Mildred's [watchful] eye. She admits to studying peoples behavior - a natural tendency, since she earned a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Scice and Management. She wrote several papers on children and their behavior that were based on her own research into why children act out. Mildred works with children who have disabilities and behavioral problems."

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Who's Creating? Wednesday: Mildred Pope

2011 July 13



"This story has another essential thing I require in a children's book and that is that it has words that are repeated I find that this helps youngsters learn and they reapeat the words as their language builds."

Gina Schwartz

"I like all the illustrations and I like the costumes that the boy wears."

Daisy Bookworm’s Thoughts (7 years old):




  "This book brings warm memories of my childhood. I remember daily when I went out to play outside with my cousins,   when the street lights came one, we had to go home. Being an active child, I disliked taking a bath but my mother  assured me that I will sleep better at night if I do."

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(Atlanta, GA.) - "Like celebrities Spike lee, Debbie Allen and Bill Cosby, new author Mildred Pope just wants her children and grandchildren to be able to see themselves in their storybooks... The story depicts positive relationships - between children of diverse race, between a boy and his dog, and between a boy and his mother - in fun verse."

Cindy Dashnaw



"This book is so cute. The pictures are awesome and the story is told from the view of the children. It also is a written in rhyming. Very easy to follow along. It's a wonderful story book to read to a child. They would love the pictures. Do you have children? Pick this book up and read it to them."

Sherrie - blogger



"The art is simple and cute. I liked that the book is written from the view point of a child. My 4 year old daughter found the book funny and easy to relate to, though she had to ask me who some of the character references were as she has yet to see Finding Nemo or Sponge Bob Square Pants . The many licensed character references in the book were really my only complaint.  To me, a large part of the charm for an "independent" book like this is that it's not tied in with merchandising or a TV show. "

Maple Leaf Mommy




"I love that this book has children of color for the main characters. I try to expose my kids to as much diversity as possible so I love having books with main characters of all kinds of people my kids will see."

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